My approach :

Being a « woodnut » since I was a teenager, I have combined  my passions : meditation and movement with my cabinet making skills in creating special one off small individual doors.

If you wish to add to your living space something sacred, secret and beautiful, let’s meet to talk about it and define our project. The rapport we establish between us will guide and nourish the whole design, making this piece of art just for you. Each commission is therefore unique in its form and spirit.

Open the door: the small space before you, around 6 to 8 cm deep, will be a ’secret garden’ where you can place objects and symbols, religious or not, your own idea of spirit. The design is simple, and the craftsmanship is of high standard. The indigenous timbers and other materials are mostly worked by hand. The natural colours are sometimes enhanced with a touch of colour or gilt according to the different woodgrains.