SUMMER 2016 : handmade one off doorknobs.
Tactile to use, beautiful to see.


Doors can be either open or closed,  create inside and outside,  form a passageway, a link, give protection, refuge, their appearance intrigues … doors represent a world full of mysteries and symbols. Closed, a door will incite curiosity through it’s appearance and shape,
hiding the world behind it ; open, it reveals it’s secret until then well protected.

Each commission for a door is treated as sacred and made especially to your order enclosing a small space to contain your most precious and valuable objects : your secret garden… it’s presence is an invitation to stop for a moment of contemplation, or meditation.
To the unaware visitor, it will be an artwork to admire.

Come and visit my first sacred doors.   Open, close, touch & feel them ; they are the beginning of a promising adventure full or surprises and diversity.